Month: April 2017

Gender Specific versus Sexism

One of my favourite character satirists at the moment is a British man called Jonathan Pie, whose act revolves around pretending to be a news reporter, making off the cuff comments to his producer whilst he isn’t live on air. He recently uploaded a video to youtube entitled “Sexist Pie” where he referred to British

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When does human life begin?

There has been a story going around the newspapers about a satirical campaign to introduce a $100 fine in Texas for every time a man masturbates. The idea behind the campaign is to draw a comparison between what is being described as men wishing to “control female bodies” when it comes to abortion laws. Men

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Understanding the male perspective

[raw] Recently I was involved in an all too familiar exchange with a lady on Facebook. The topic was about how women are treated as sex objects in our society and I pointed out that men are also objectified as “success objects”. This lady was in her final year of a University degree studying something

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