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Stop expecting dogs to meow

In his best selling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray uses the metaphor of the two sexes being from different planets to explain the differences between the way men and women communicate. He says that understanding the differences can help us create stronger, more successful relationships with the opposite sex

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A tale of two ads

The following two adverts were made by the same director, but there’s something very different about the messages they are sending to their respective target audiences. This first ad, commissioned in the UK by The National Lottery was designed to encourage women of all different shapes and sizes to get involved in sport and exercise.

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My experience at the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2018

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the 4th Annual International Conference on Men’s Issues at London’s Excel Centre. Conference Backlash If you have ready the article on Vice or Open Democracy, you may have the impression that the conference was some sort of misogynistic meetup of angry white men that believe that men

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Gender Specific versus Sexism

One of my favourite character satirists at the moment is a British man called Jonathan Pie, whose act revolves around pretending to be a news reporter, making off the cuff comments to his producer whilst he isn’t live on air. He recently uploaded a video to youtube entitled “Sexist Pie” where he referred to British

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When does human life begin?

There has been a story going around the newspapers about a satirical campaign to introduce a $100 fine in Texas for every time a man masturbates. The idea behind the campaign is to draw a comparison between what is being described as men wishing to “control female bodies” when it comes to abortion laws. Men

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Understanding the male perspective

[raw] Recently I was involved in an all too familiar exchange with a lady on Facebook. The topic was about how women are treated as sex objects in our society and I pointed out that men are also objectified as “success objects”. This lady was in her final year of a University degree studying something

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