Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What)

Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What)

Karen Straughan is a prominent Men’s Rights Activist in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is also a member of the Honey Badgers, a group of like minded, Men’s Rights Activists.

Her videos are thought provoking and entertaining and she goes into a great deal of detail into topics such as Evolutionary Psychology.

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  • Lewis Rees

    Hi Karen,

    I have just come across some of your u tube commentaries about the theory that ‘men are evil and women are angels’

    This is a matter that has caused me serious issues in the way I perceive myself as a man, and see women as something to be feared and be cautious about interacting with.

    It may be that having spent 46 years in law enforcement in differing roles that it was inevitable that I would become cynical regarding many issues, but it disturbs me greatly that I see so much objective evidence that men are now losing/lost in a vicious battle of the sexes.

    I am a 67 year old ‘very’ happily married man, and I consider myself to be of above average intelligence, however I find I do not feel comfortable being alone with a woman in a room, a car, or any other location where I could be accused of inappropriate behaviour.

    Before I retired I would sometimes comment on issues in the press about men accused of varying misdeeds against women and the ‘me-too’ movement, to be accused vehemently of being an apologist for rapists and sexual predators, to the extent that it would be implied that I was of that ilk myself!

    You will not believe how buoyed I have been by listening to your views.

    The essence of my email really is to ask “What can I do to right these wrongs”?

    I live in the UK but will be happy to do anything that can throw some light onto to this horrible situation we men find ourselves facing, if it only means some contribution.

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